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A Future Mother-in-Law's Want Ad
By Dorsetta Hale

Future Mother-in-law seeks ideal (or close to it) matches for adult children.
Are you interested in a temporary fling or something more permanent?
If it's a relationship you want, you must understand it's like a job.
Can you work on it evenings and weekends?
Are you available to work overtime if needed?
Are you able to perform the essential functions of the job for which you are applying, either with or without reasonable accommodation?
How many other mothers have you applied to before?
References- do you have any friends or relatives who like you? Are you currently employed?
Have you ever been convicted of a criminal offense, if so tell me now. My posse may not be "The Sopranos," but they watch it.
If accepted, are you willing to submit to and pass a controlled substance test?

Education- do you have any?
Do you speak, write or understand English? Txt msng dzn’t count.
List three persons who have knowledge of your relationships within the past four years.

Do you have any other experience; training, qualifications, or skills, which you feel should be brought to my attention that make you especially suited for dating my son or daughter?
Only those with honesty, passion and in the event of marriage, a promise not to leave Christmas lights outside year round, need apply by Mother's Day.

Copyright 2007, Dorsetta Hale

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