Our Rain Event
By Dorsetta Hale

Boots, umbrellas, windshield wipers and power outages. It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas. It rained so hard and the wind was so strong last Sunday that I think I only slept three hours between midnight and 8 a.m.

I couldn’t believe my ears when it was announced on the radio that a tornado storm warning was being issued for Pacifica and Daly City. That must have been the moment when a woman driver in a sedan suddenly stopped cold at the Highway 1 North onramp. My daughter, who was on her way to the bus stop, said the woman was just sitting in her car, crying on her cell phone as other motorists honked their horns while trying to pass by her without getting sideswiped. Without a drivers license to help the obviously frightened woman off the road, there wasn’t much my daughter could do to offer comfort. Besides, it was pouring rain and after dodging fallen cypress tree branches and stepping over downed fences, she just wanted to catch her bus.

At 9 o’clock in the morning it was as dark as it is at 9 o’clock at night, but the rain had stopped and my husband George and our dog needed to go out. Surprisingly, a lot of other people were outside also, especially those surveying the weather damage to their Christmas lawn decorations. These homeowners knew that there is nothing more disconcerting to a child than seeing a giant deflated Santa lying in the gutter.

When my husband returned from his run, he said the track at Oceana High School was even more treacherous than it usually is. Instead of stepping over gopher holes, he had to step over dead gophers. A few of them had managed to flee the floods and make it to the tennis courts before succumbing. George said that one happy dog frolicked in the grass with a gopher dangling from his mouth as though it were a chew toy. Our dog would have joined it, but all George had to do was look at her and she knew to mind her own business. The posted “No Dogs Allowed” signs are meant specifically for those owners whose pets don’t respond to voice control.

Fortunately, the big storm blew over without creating a tornado, although we did get some thunder and lightning out of it. The weather service predicts it will be cold on Christmas Day. There’s even talk of rain. If it does, I hope drivers will chill out. It’s winter in Pacifica. Just wait a few minutes. The sun will come out.

Copyright 2005, Dorsetta Hale

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