Dorsetta Hale has compiled a book of her essays titled, "The Coast is Clear." She became an essayist by accident. A few years ago her then husband´s job relocated the family across country from the San Francisco Bay Area to the Bay State of Massachusetts and she began writing about their experiences in annual Christmas letters.

When she started receiving requests for copies from friends of friends who were strangers to her, she realized she might be onto something. Without training or experience in the genre with the exception of being an avid reader of local and syndicated newspaper columnists, she sent the first essay she ever wrote on purpose to the San Francisco Chronicle and they published it.

Since then she’s had first person essays published in the San Jose Mercury News, San Mateo County Times and she’s a columnist for the Pacifica Tribune. She is the author of Twenty Three Poems And A Likely Story (Jungle Peach Press, 1997), grant recipient of the Philanthropic Ventures Foundation, Barnes & Noble Booksellers local poetry award winner, Southern California Genealogy Society Essay Writing Contest Winner and was named “Humor Writer of the Month,” by University of Dayton, Erma Bombeck Writers Workshop.

The City Council of Pacifica unanimously approved the recommendation of the Pacifica Parks, Beaches and Recreation Commission naming Dorsetta Hale as the second Poet Laureate of Pacifica. Her three-year term began January 1, 2014.

Ms. Hale is now retired from her day job as a 911 Public Safety Dispatcher, and no longer writes in between emergencies.



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