Praise for essays in The Coast is Clear:

“My Husband, The Neighborhood Cup Of Sugar” – “I love your voice!” – Firoozeh Dumas, author of Funny In Farsi

“Hot Fun In The Mean Time” – “Sometimes it’s enough to just tell a story we’ve never heard before. Thus, the story about buying bathing suits with your son and daughter is well-told and original.” – Dave Eggers, author, editor and founder of McSweeney’s and 826 Valencia

“A New Development” – “This is so taut, vivid and good!” – Adair Lara, author and reporter, San Francisco Chronicle

“You Can’t Judge A House By Its Paint” – “What a story! Your tale of deciding on a paint color for your home is something we can all relate to. I hope you are enjoying the blue trim.” – Lacey N. Howard, assistant homes editor, Coastal Living Magazine

“My Brush With A Celebrity Crush” – “I feel the same way about J. Lo as you do about Mel. If only I could get that close for a picture. You are a very good writer. Keep it up.” – Shawn Miyaki, 911 Public Safety Communications Dispatcher

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